• Bury the Bone4:53
  • Honey Runs3:19
  • Behind the Beat, Below the Note4:38
  • The High Road6:07
  • Money in Jesus3:08
  • Green Acres to Rocky Top4:05
  • The Whiskey and the Bacon6:24
  • Rainin' Bluebirds2:42
  • Stone by Stone3:52
  • Zero, Zilch, Nada3:42



  • You and Your Sister3:33
  • Singin' the Talkin' Blues3:08
  • My Dog's Brother2:44
  • Caught in Your War4:01
  • Low Hangin' Fruit3:59
  • Too Lazy for Love4:07
  • I Met Somebody3:07
  • Here Is Mine4:20
  • Wedding Day Waltz4:49
  • Daddy's Little Lullaby2:07

music cd: most people are good

music CD: Behind The Beat Below The Note

  • I Don't Want It Back4:22
  • Speak Your Mind3:36
  • Wakey Bakey2:33
  • Front Porch to the Moon4:29
  • Good Night4:28
  • Dead Man Sittin'3:48
  • She Lives on Tears5:16
  • Badge and a Gun3:28
  • Every Man2:40
  • Someone Believes3:36
  • Might as Well Rain4:17
  • Ain't Bringin' It6:21
  • Alright Alright4:01

Dennis McGregor

Dennis McGregor has been writing songs for most of his life. Before evolving into a commercial artist he was a full-time touring musician. These days Dennis still plays occasional gigs with his group, The Spoilers. He also teaches songwriting at The Americana Song Academy, Sisters Folk Festival’s Nationally recognized song camp.


music cd: front porch to the moon

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