over or around?

17" x 11" - $110

Misc. Fine Art Prints

buck jump

11" x 15" - $95

unicoNE chocolate

14" x 11" - $95


22.5" x 15" - $225

Inspiration for these Dennis McGregor prints varies. "Buck Jump” was created to be a mural above The Gallimaufry (liquor store) in Sisters. It has become a landmark for tourists and locals alike. “Ravens” is from Dream Again, McGregor’s first book. Dennis enjoyed painting these birds so much that he had to do a couple more; “Refugees” and “Over or Around?” (There is a possible story brewing here.) The “Unicone” series idea came about one hot summer day while looking at a horse as he ate his ice cream cone. “Butterfly Moon” was created to illustrate one of the songs Dennis wrote for an album of lullabies. (Maybe he’ll finish that project some day.)

uniconE vanilla

14" x 11" - $95

unicoNE strawberry

14" x 11" - $85


15" x 11" - $95

Butterfly Moon 24" x 13" - $225

Dennis McGregor