Dennis McGregor

Published November 30, 2017
by Teafly Peterson

It all started when Dennis McGregor painted a small turtle hanging out on a barbed wire fence. Next to it, he painted a dove, and then he realized "Ah, turtle dove!" It took off from there. He began thinking of all the animal combinations he could: spider monkey, tiger shrimp, catfish and so on.

Dennis McGregor featured in the July News 2017 Sisters Gallery & Frame Shop
Dennis McGregor - article in the Nugget News July 6, 2018 Buck Jumps
2018 Sisters Folk Festival Poster by Dennis McGregor

Published April 3, 2018

Folks in Sisters are used to seeing deer roaming around town, even crossing Cascade Avenue in a crosswalk. Now there's one jumping across the moon.

A work crew last week installed Dennis McGregor's mural of "Buck" leaping across the face of a full moon and over the Three Sisters mountains on the face of The Gallimaufry on the corner of Cascade Avenue and Elm Street.

Art in the High Desert coming to Bend

Published August 29, 2018

by Teafly Peterson

It’s been 18 years since Dennis McGregor painted his first Sisters Folk Festival poster. Over the years, the annual image has become a moment captured in time, honoring a town and its dedication to the arts. This year is no different. 

“In the beginning people said, why don’t you just do an image of an instrument and do a different instrument each year. But then I decided I wanted to have a human element in there,” reflects McGregor. After the third year, he began what he called a “Local Treasures” series, featuring local musicians, with their instruments, as a shout-out to the growing musical community in Sisters. 

Dennis McGregor commissioned to paint wall murals in the Old Mill

Sisters artist's book is on the street

July NEWS 2017

As artist, Dennis spent a decade developing his unique illustrative style, eventually earning a national reputation for outstanding work...

Dennis McGregor featured in the July News 2017 Sisters Gallery & Frame Shop

Sisters Artist Kick Starts His Second Book

Dennis McGregor featured in the July News 2017 Sisters Gallery & Frame Shop

'Buck' jumps in to Sisters' art scene


Dennis McGregor's Sisters Folk Fest Posters Run The Gamut From Political And Silly, To Art Inspired By Traditional Themes 

Published July 19, 2018

by Kim Himstreet 

"About three years ago, well-known Sisters artist and musician Dennis ­McGregor painted a picture of a turtle climbing on a fence. “Just for fun” he added a turtle dove sitting on the fence watching the turtle. As McGregor wondered why two creatures that seemed nothing alike shared a name, the idea...". 

Published August 22, 2018

Several new outdoor murals are in the works for various locations throughout the Old Mill District...

Dennis McGregor featured in The Source Weekly Nov 30, 2017

Loved Our Cover Art?

Here's The Renaissance Man Behind The "Cat-Fish." 

Published July 6, 2018

by Jim Cornelius

Dennis McGregor's new book, "You Stole My Name," was born out of a serendipitous accident. "I had some free time and I just wanted to paint something fun," McGregor recalled. He painted a turtle climbing up a barbed-wire fence with a bird watching him.  "Without realizing it, I started painting a turtledove," he said.  The artist got a kick out of the juxtaposition - and so did others.  "The first people that saw it responded so favorably to it, I thought, 'Maybe I'm on to something,"' he said.

Quilting Bee by Dennis McGregor, Sisters Oregon
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