The Whiskey and the Bacon
from: behind the beat, below the note
-- ©2007 by Dennis McGregor

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I live out on the edge of nowhere, and I work the land
it ain't easy but it's steady for a workin' man
in the mornin' I move his pipe, after that I plow his field
I bow my head at his table, prayin' for his yield
I keep track of his cattle, train horses not to buck
by Friday night I've had enough and I get into my truck

I go to town, for the whiskey and the bacon
I go to town to see my Kimmy Jean
soon as I get my pay, I'll be on my way
I go to town that's how I spend my gasoline

My boss is a Bible-mouthed man, verses fly right out
as I head out to the highway, I can hear him shout
holy holy, something holy, just gives me the blues
It's my time, and I live it any way I choose


I heard a coyote through my wind wing, saw him in my rear view mirror
lonely lonely desert moon, on a night so clear
I just want to see the bright lights, it ain't no big sin
got my good boots and my new jeans, gonna tuck my shirt tails in


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