Bury the Bone
from: behind the beat, below the note
-- ©2010 by Dennis McGregor

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Somebody done you wrong, a long time ago
no matter how you try, you cannot let it go
you keep singin' the same old song
give it up and move along
bury the bone

You can't argue with a dead man, can't set the record straight
no matter what you're sayin', you're sayin' it too late
any life that came and gone
is not the one to blame it on
bury the bone

You had a little quarrel with someone you love
things got out of hand and push came to shove
you can't forgive and you can't forget
maybe some day but not yet
bury the bone

You sit up in bed sweatin', fears begin to haunt
worryin's like prayin' for what you do not want
when the monkey mind is tryin' to keep
you from gettin' any sleep
bury the bone

Someone said forgiveness is letting go at last
of the hopeless wishing for a better past
the only change you'll ever find
is the one that's in your mind
bury the bone

It's your ball and chain,
your dark cloud full of rain
it's yours and yours alone
bury the bone

bury the bone

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