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CD: front porch to the moon

"Dennis McGregor walked into the KPIG studios and won the entire crew over with his first song. We love him!"
— Sleepy John
KPIG, Santa Cruz

"The songs range from heartfelt and poignant to... well, not just off the wall, but off a wacky wall that may exist in another universe."
— Matt Kramer
Frogsong, San Francisco

"His music is about seeing the other guy's point of view, about being human and learning to live with it, whether you're waking up toasted or coming down a hill too fast on a bike."
— Lee Charles Kelley
Avon mystery novelist, New York City

"Dennis McGregor is a clever, captivating, crackerjack songwriter with a keen wit and a keen ear. His sweetly sardonic, ruefully wry observations on the human condition make me laugh, ache, think and sing along."
— Arden Eaton
DJ and Television Producer, Monterey, CA

front porch to the moon
Dennis McGregor, Music CD

ain't bringin' it alright alright might as well rain every man she lives on tears someone believes badge and a gun dead man sittin' front porch to the moon speak your mind goodnight wakey bakey I don't want it back
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1. I Don't Want it Back a 8. Badge and a Gun
2. Speak Your Mind a 9. Every Man
3. Wakey Bakey a 10. Someone Believes
4. Front Porch to the Moon a 11. Might as Well Rain
a 5. Goodnight a 12. Ain't Bringin' It
a 6. Dead Man Sittin' a 13. Alright Alright
a 7. She Lives on Tears  

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