Take Me Home - A Sampler of American Artists for Peace
Dennis McGregor, and others:

1. Dennis McGregor - Caught in Your War
2. Joe Paquin - Pray for Peace
3. Country Joe McDonald - Support the Troops
4. Tired Willie - War No More
5. Sherry Austin - Don't Lie to Me
6. Joe Craven - Setting Son
7. Bob Brozman - San Humanité
8. Keith Greeninger - Arsenal of Doves
9. Jesse Colin Young - The Peace Song
10. Lisa Atkinson - You Can Dance
11. Scott McClatchy - A Little Irish Grace
12. Jim Stringer - The Last War
13. Geoffrey Rutledge - Take Me Home

$ 15 Music CD. Available at CDBaby.com.
100% of the net proceeds associated with this project are to be donated to Veterans for Peace to support their anti-war efforts.

As a part of Arden's Garden Productions ongoing efforts to wage peace, they are proud to release this compilation CD featuring tracks from 13 artists performing their own peace songs in a variety of roots styles.

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